Broken screen? Phone won’t charge? Need your contacts transferred from one device to another? World Technology is here for you. We have experience in replacing broken phone and tablet digitizers (the glass) and screens for when your device took an unexpected fall. We can also replace the charging port and battery in a device where it just isn’t charging any longer. This is in addition to more complicated repairs like the logic/motherboard replacement of the device. We also have the ability to transfer your contacts and photos from device to device, or set it up correctly in the first place to ensure your data is backed up the cloud and protected in case of loss or theft.

In today’s fast growing cyber crime world, the computer is constantly being attacked. Ransomware is on the rise, malware, spyware, and viruses, all come together to wreak havoc on your personal computer. World Technology has been following these trends and we provide repairs and protection for many types of attacks. We also replace failed components like hard drives, memory, power supplies, and video cards. Additionally, gamers will benefit from our experience of making high end custom computers to tackle the most intensive new games. Come see us today.

Printers, external hard drives, mice and keyboards are just some of the peripherals we repair and support. We can configure your devices to work together whether via wired, wireless, or Bluetooth. Dropped your external hard drive or flash drive and it won’t recognize anymore? Stop by our shop where we will diagnose it and repair it timely and accurately.

Professional Computer Service and Repair company started with excellent customer service, quality, and customer satisfaction as main priorities.

Data loss happens at what seems to be the worst time. We understand that your documents, photos, videos, music, and other information is precious. If you find yourself with a defective camera card, failed hard drive, accidentally deleted contents, or other loss, please contact us right away. We offer many types of data recovery and restoration depending on the circumstance.

Did your phone, tablet, or laptop experience a cracked or shattered touch screen? We fix iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android Phones, and other devices where the digitizer and/or the LCD screen break. We replace Touch Screens of all sizes for a variety of commonly used products and even some uncommon ones. Come into the shop and let us take a look at your device to see how we can help get your equipment in perfect working condition again.