Do you need an IT company on call to resolve emergency situations such as total network failures, server faults, or compromised access? World Technology provides exceptional professional service, rapid turn-around, and effective resolutions. Maintenance contracts, remote assistance, and on-call availability are just some of the services offered by World Technology. Other services include removing viruses, upgrading and updating systems, data recovery and protection, and providing assistance to the end user in-house or remotely. We monitor networks and servers and maintain their full functionality so you can worry less about the equipment, and more about your company.

Do you need anywhere and anytime access to data? World Technology has the experience and resources to move your company into the cloud. Availability to data and information from mobile, stationary, or on-the-go devices is a crucial element in increasing business efficiency. By providing users with the ability to synchronize their data on all their devices, mobility and speed of daily activities increases. Cloud services provide the means of having an entire office at the user’s disposal whether on their tablet, phone, laptop, desktop, or other devices. Collaboration and unification of ideas is performed quicker and more efficiently through the cloud as changes appear instantly and can be shared with other users in the company at the click of a button or a swipe of the screen. World Technology can help your company implement services such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for
Business, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Transitioning to a new platform, or implementing a new company-wide software system? World Technology has extensive experience in creating and implementing procedures, monitoring the process at all stages from start to finish, and training users and employees. Our clients range from Small Businesses to Large Enterprises, each with uniquely customized solutions. World Technology’s unique approach to efficiency and cost savings continues to help local business exceed their bottom line. Whether there is a need for Standard Operating Procedures, Process Improvements, Contract Negotiation, or Cost Reduction, World Technology has the know-how to improve efficiency, decrease cost, and build synergy.

Does your company need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, HITECH, or more? World Technology’s experience in these and other sectors can help your company surpass and maintain a secure and compliant environment. From network and devices to users and processes, World Technology will inspect, improve, and secure access to, from, and inside your company.

Does your company have an outdated phone system? Do you need music on hold, call queues, voicemail to email, and automated attendants? Do you have multiple locations and want to have a unified telephone system? World Technology implements Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems with as many or as few features as your company requires. Some of the features available with VoIP systems are call recording, conference calling, call barging, call monitoring, call queues, automated attendants, call menus, voicemail to email, to name a few. These are additional to the standard features of Caller ID, music on hold, and advanced call forwarding.

Technology is constantly increasing in complexity. Security and confidentiality are targeted by hackers, corporate spies, and disgruntled employees. World Technology can help implement Encryption, Information Security, Business Processes, and more to help your company stay secure and internal information confidential. End to end email and file encryption, network security, and private communications are just some of the areas in which World Technology can prepare your company. Coupled with internal business processes, IT audits, and government compliance requirements, your company can worry less about IT and more about getting down to business.

World Technology helps businesses every day with the online presence. From having a user friendly, informative, and engaging website to showing up on the top spots of Google and Bing. In today’s fast paced world, a large portion of new business comes from online searches. World Technology has proven results to bring businesses from the backs of search engines to the front pages. Call us today to inquire about how we can help you increase the traffic and efficiency of your business on the web.