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Are you suffering from viruses, pop-ups and spyware? Are you afraid someone is getting access to your credit cards, bank accounts, and personal information?


Amazing customer service in the store, on location, and on the phone. With remote help we also provide support to our customers without you having to come in.


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We all feel it sometimes: head aching, nail biting, bad mood making STRESS. It is a part of life and unavoidable at times. Stress can lead to physical and mental health problems, bad habits, and damaging behaviors. There are plenty of ways to de-stress when our workload, relationships, or even social obligations get a little […]

Our business offers many different services. On the computer repair side, we are seeing more and more clients with infected devices. Viruses, or malware as we call them, are taking over like never before. There are programs you can install and run on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis depending on the software application to […]

Imagine it is August 3, 1977, 40 years into the past. You are in New York City headed out of the office for an early lunch. While walking down the street you hear the news that a bomb has just gone off on the twenty-first floor of 342 Madison Avenue where the Defense Department security […]

As the summer months progress, pop up thunderstorms and “out of the blue” freak storms happen more and more frequently. Consider using a battery backup for your electronics to keep them safe from the surges and power outages associated with this season. If you are a business, is your network safe? How long ago did […]

You’ve probably heard people tell you to back up your data. So many times in fact, that you are probably tired of hearing it. But, if you are like me, you may feel like you are doing an adequate job at keeping your devices safe and you think you can still recover your data. Trouble […]

With Wireless AC, gigabit wired networking, redundant WAN, and access controls, your network can run optimally, uninterrupted, and secure. The correct Wireless Access Points and placement, coupled with the correct Router and wiring can provide smooth operation from any device, anywhere in your building. Redundant WAN can keep your company working even when one provider […]

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CONNECT.TECH 2017 4th Edition

Event Details What: CONNECT.TECH When: September 20-22, 2017

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World Energy Engineering Congress

Event Details What: The 40th World Energy Engineering Congress When: September 27-29, 2017

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Google has been making some changes regarding the way they display their search results. At first, these changes seem minor and insignificant, but upon further review, it’s evident that they could have a large impact on the way we find information and where our search results may take us.   According to The Next Web’s […]

There was a massive leak for domains using Cloudflare which leaked password and user information for sites using the service between 09-22-2016 and 02-18-2017. This may not seem like much until we look at how many websites are actually using Cloudflare (over 4,287,625). Take a look at the following site which complied a list of […]

Ransomware viruses are already an absolute nuisance, and can be disastrous to businesses. A new variant of it, called Popcorn Time is even worse. It plays on desperation and friendship. Once you get it, it encrypts your files and holds them for ransom. You are given the option to pay for the ransom, sure, like […]