The Importance of Backups

You’ve probably heard people tell you to back up your data. So many times in fact, that you are probably tired of hearing it. But, if you are like me, you may feel like you are doing an adequate job at keeping your devices safe and you think you can still recover your data.

Trouble is, with more and more data being created and moved around each minute, it’s hard to keep track of it all and make sure it’s safe in case things go south.

I have lots of external hard drives. I tell myself that I will use them for backup, but in reality, I end up using them as storage and expanding my digital hoarding. So, what happens when one of them fails or gets infected? You guessed it: I’m panicking and in trouble.

I have lots of data stored on shared drives in the office. So, I feel like everything is okay. But, what if someone else accidentally deleted my items from the shared drive? Or, worse, what if someone gets the encryption virus and all the shared files on the server are encrypted and held for ransom? Can we recover? That can be catastrophic and bring an entire company to a stand still. How do we recover?

Backups. That’s the way to recovery. Short downtime while the data is restored, but everything is back and running. Now is the time to check your server and personal backups and make sure you are using the correct types of backups and the right amount.

Not sure if your sever has functioning backups? Not sure if all your data is stored in two places? Call us today and we can help!