Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Easy, quick, and reliable access to data is critical when conducting business and even for recreational purposes. Although there are many options for storing data in the cloud, there is still room for the traditional Network Attached Storage (NAS) platform whereby one device stores and serves your data internally. It can work very well with scanning to a network folder, backing up user devices, and storing your digital files and media. If the internet is out, the NAS can still work. If you have large, always changing files, cloud storage may not be an affordable solution due to Internet speeds and cost, but a local NAS just works. Need to share your data with the users in your office quickly and reliably? A NAS unit can do it easily. Speeds can be anywhere from 100Mb to 10Gb or more as needed and once in place, it becomes an invaluable tool. Some configurations even allow for a hybrid environment where that NAS then synchronizes with the cloud, or becomes the cloud. So, if you are looking for a versatile and reliable solution, give us a call. We can customize off-the-shelf devices or build custom ones for whatever you may need.